I'll be back soon!

Avenir Light est une police simple et stylisée, appréciée des graphistes. Elle est idéale pour les titres et les paragraphes.

Hi, I am Adebissi the founder, creative director, web designer, strategy consultant, community manager, financial advisor, procurement agent, production manager, customer relationship and and art director of I L E - I F E.

As you can see, the list is long and I think it goes longer than I could tell. Besides that, I also have my 9 to 5 which also requires a lot of investment, as well as other personal stuff.

For months now, I have been absent and I have closed my website. I explain it to clients, stylists and other collaborators individually in DM but I think it's time to announce it publicly. I don't know why I haven't dared to announce it since and why it was so difficult for me to do so. I think I'm afraid to leave a message of weakness, failures, abandonment etc.


I'm not going to complain at all, I have the chance to turn my passion for jewelry into a business. And, only a few months after the launch I realize that I am holding a jewel. (without pun :p).

But what to do with that?

How to scale?

How to improve my processes?

And lots of other questions I'm trying to answer.

These things take time. This is the phrase I repeat to myself several times a day to cope with my stress and guilt.  

Again, these things take time, but I'm coming back.

When ? Soon that's all I can say for now.

I thank you for the support, and take care :)


See you soon !! 

Luxury Jewerly made in Africa 



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