Elegant gold coated on brass jewellery inspired by the ridges and textures of all cultures


Each piece is ethically handmade from upcycled and recycled materials by our African artisan partners Ibrahim, Ismael, David and Lamine.

These artisans are incredibly talented craftsmen with an eye for detail. Our hope is to help all of them to expand their micro-businesses in Africa




Ibrahim is from Senegal.

He uses techniques from the Tuareg community of northern Mali, where he used to live. Each jewellery fuses artisanal and recycle brass.



Ismael is an artisan from Senegal.

Having picked up the art of jewelry making in 2006 from a local apprenticeship in Dakar, Ismael’s biggest dream is to teach others to create jewelry that would, in turn, help his local community.

Ismael hand-forges each brass piece with care and expertise.




David has been crafting jewelry for twelve years, having first started when he was just 22.

He loves watching the pieces come to fruition after the multistage processes of drawing, cutting, polishing, and soldering.

David hopes to one day be able to build his own house, start a workshop, and create employment for other young people in his rural village in Senegal.



Lamine is a 38 year-old artisan from Senegal  and loves creating elegant pieces from recycled brass materials.

Lamine's favorite part of his job is knowing someone will be wearing his piece!

In the future, he hopes to open his own workshop to employ other young jewelry makers and artisans who shares his talent for craftsmanship.

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